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We offers some of the cheapest, yet most popular and reliable SEO tools in the market. With a variety of payment options available including Paytm, Stripe, PayPal, and more, all payments are secured with 256 Bit SSL Security.

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Single Tools


Save 50% Rs.159

  • Single Tool
  • Video Tutorials
  • Teamviewer & Anydesk Support
  • 30 Days Access
  • Secured Access
  • 99% Uptime for Tools
  • Priority support

Basic Plan


Save 50% Rs.799

  • Up to 15+ Tool
  • 24*7 Live Chat Support
  • One Click Access
  • 30 Days Access
  • 99% Uptime for Tools
  • Secured Access
  • Priority support

Pro Plan


Save 50% Rs.1199

  • Up to 35+ tools
  • Secured Access
  • 99% Uptime for Tools
  • 30 Days Access
  • One Click Access
  • 24*7 Live Chat Support
  • Priority support


Frequently asked questions

ToolEmpire Provides Shared Account Or Dedicated Accounts?
As a Group Buy Services, ToolEmpire provides shared accounts, but user data will be secure on our servers(Even ToolEmpire cannot see or track your information). Here at ToolEmpire, Client privacy is the primary concern, and we are making it more secure day by day.
How do you provide your services for such low prices?
We are a group buy website, Which means we share resources among all the users. However, this will not affect how you use the services as you will be assured to get access to what you paid for and you will be able to use the services as you wish till your subscription ends.
Why choose ToolEmpire?
We assure you that we provide the most stable services in the market with the highest uptime.
How long will I receive my account from when the payment is complete?
Your order will be processed within 1-2 hours. We will process your order within 15 minutes if you place an order during business hours.
How many IP/devices are allowed on ToolEmpire?
ToolEmpire limits one account per user that a user cannot share their access between others. To do so, You will have to purchase an additional IP address for just $1 to access the account with another IP address that is designated for a specific network. Multiple logins from different IP/Devices lead to permanent account suspension (Also, Use of Proxies, VPN, RDP are strictly prohibited). No, You will not be able to share access to your account to anyone else.
How to claim a refund?
To claim a refund, You will only be eligible to claim a refund if the services you paid for aren’t working for over 3 days in a row. Otherwise, we do not refund for the services as these are digital services and they can not be refunded as per the regulations.
How do I get access to my purchased tools? 
ToolEmpire provides access through a custom dashboard, there will be direct access of tools, in some cases, user have to install extensions to access the tools.
How long can I use tools?
Within one month of your purchase, our service will be in effect. We will send an email to you upon your renewal date. You will be barred from using our service if you don’t renew. You can purchase many tools packages if you only need to use the service for a few months.

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